Most Expensive Homes Sold in Ottawa up till March 17th 2018 and the Neighbourhoods with Fastest Sales

Best Neighbourhoods till March 2018We like to give you some information about the Neighbourhoods in Ottawa where we see the highest sales prices a few time per year and this is up till March 17th 2018.

Below we give you the Neighbourhoods that have had the highest sales prices so far this year and we also tell you how long it took for those homes to sell.

Then we give you the 16 Neighbourhoods where New Listings sold on the same day they were listed, these can be considered the Hot areas right now.

If you want to see the Real Estate Statistics for any specific Neighbourhood, which includes the number of sales, average price and percentage change in price each year, go check out our Neighbourhood Market Reports.

Top 10 Neighbourhoods for Most Expensive Sales Price

Below are the 10 Neighbourhoods where we saw the highest prices up till March 2018, with the amount of time it took to sell as well.

  1. Rockcliffe Park, sold for $1,960,000 in 249 Days

  2. McKellar Heights, sold for $1,870,000 in 18 Days

  3. Manotick Estates, sold for $1,775,000 in 150 Days

  4. Rockcliffe Park, sold for $1,682,300 in 32 Days

  5. Borden Farm/Stewart Farm/Carleton Heights/Parkwood Hills, sold for $1,550,000 in 19 Days

  6. Cedar Hill & Orchard Estates, sold for $1,545,000 in 42 Days

  7. Rockcliffe Park, sold for $1,495,000 in 2 Days

  8. Rothwell Heights, sold for $1,400,000 in 595 Days

  9. Alta Vista/Faircrest Heights, sold for $1,362,000 in 28 Days

  10. McKellar Heights, sold for $1,280,000 in 4 days

Looking at the Top 10 highest sales prices we can see that Rockcliffe Park took 3 spots, and McKellar Heights took 2 spots. I am surprised that The Glebe and some other areas never made the list, but I am sure that will change as the year progresses.

Neighbourhoods that had Homes sell on 1st Day

Below are all 16 Neighbourhoods where the listings sold on the first day and we also give you how much they sold for, compared with their list price

  1. Overbrook, sold for $4,900 under list price

  2. Glebe, sold for $30,100 over asking price

  3. Wellington Village, sold for full price

  4. Fallingbrook, sold for full price

  5. Courtland Park, sold for full price

  6. Deer Run/Stittsville, sold for $100 over asking price

  7. Centretown, sold for full price

  8. Centretown, sold for full price

  9. Centretown, sold for full price

  10. Avalon, sold for $5,100 over listed price

  11. Emerald Meadows/Trailwest, sold for full price

  12. Kanata Lakes, sold for $3000 under list price

  13. Longfields, sold for $200 over list price

  14. Knollsbrook, sold for $2500 under list price

  15. Blackburn Hamlet, sold for $600 under listed price

  16. Queenswood Heights, sold for full price

So, from above we can see that the homes that sold the quickest were from all areas of the City, except to the South.

We had 4 sales in Central Ottawa, 2 from the East, 2 from the West, 1 from the Far West, 2 from Kanata, 2 from Barrhaven and 3 from Orleans.

We'll provide another update to the best neighbourhoods for sales prices and quickest time to sell in another few months.