Keller Williams now REMAX Hallmark Realty Group

The Ottawa and Orleans offices of Keller Williams are now under the REMAX Umbrella, or Balloon. It was Wednesday the 27th of April 2016 when I turned into a RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Group Agent, not through choice either.

I would need to check out these newbies and make sure that Jeff did not go completely bonkers and sell the whole thing.

It was the first day and One of the new owners came by our office for a chat and it turns out they're alright ! He assured us that nothing drastic would happen and it's business as usual just wearing different colours.

Not to worry, after 6 weeks everything seems to be the same, except for the signs and more people wearing suits and funny accents walking around the office, (sounds like they're from Toronto).

Keller Williams Ottawa branch had been there since 2001 and really had an impact on the industry, becoming the #2 Brokerage in the City for Sales Volume. That is no small feat and congrats must go to Jeff and Margie for running a really great real estate office that they started from scratch and built it into a great place to work.

REMAX Metro City Realty now in the Hallmark Family

The dust was just settling on this, when just a few days ago, we got notified that REMAX Hallmark had bought out RE/MAX Metro-City Realty on O’Connor as well as their Carling Branch. This company had been active in Ottawa for 35 years.

My office now has nearly 400 Agents and locations all across the City to service anyone anywhere wanting to use a Trusted Remax Agent to buy or sell their property.

REMAX Hallmark also have several real estate offices in the Toronto area and have over 700 REALTORS working there.

I am learning new things every day about my new company. It seems they've been about for a few years now and are a recognized brand. I never knew how big they were until I started comparing them to other real estate companies.

What I learned Today from 3 simple graphs, is that REMAX really does dominate the real estate space and are very progressive with their approach, never resting on what they have. Their internet presence is huge and that's how buyers find homes nowadays

Have a look at some of the recent charts compiled by Comscore for April 2016 regarding Online Branding for Real Estate Companies.

It's not even close when you look at the numbers. Remax Brand alone is searched online more than Royal Lepage and Century 21 added together, and you could almost add in Sutton, who came in 3rd and it would be close. Over 17.5 Million people searched for Remax Branded terms.

When people go online and search for a home it would be hard to beat the trusted old MLS-ca which is now Right after the website comes REMAX, with more people running searches there than any other companies website.

And just look at the best real estate branding for mobile websites. Remax comes in 2nd again to the site, but if you added up the main 3 competitors, they still beat them all combined.

If I had known these 3 facts alone, I might have switched to Remax sooner !