Confederation Line and LRT Updates

image of a light rail transit vehicle

April 2018 Update includes:

Confederation Line –Stage 1

  • Overview – project, consortium, vehicles
  • Construction Update – stations, tunnel, update
  • Ready for Rail

Confederation Line –Stage 2

  • Overview –benefits, vehicles
  • Timelines

Download this very comprehensive update about the new LRT coming to Ottawa very shortly. It provides you with a lot of information and images of the vehicles, the stations and the tunnels.

Download the PDF for the complete Ottawa LRT Update here

It also gets into why this massive project will impact the real estate market and housing prices for houses located near the new LRT.

Ottawa has embarked on the largest infrastructure project since the building of the Rideau Canal and The City of Ottawa will be the ultimate Owner of the LRT. Rideau Transit Group will assume the responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of the Confederation Line on behalf of the city as Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM)

34 trains will comprise the Confederation Line system, with 23 trains already completely assembled. 22 of them are undergoing testing. 9 more trains are in various stages of assembly.

Trains will initially run every 5 minutes or even less during the busiest peak times and the travel time is estimated to be 25 minutes, including stops.

The LRT Trains will be able to handle a ridership of 11,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

Implementation Timeline:

  • Release of Confederation Line Extension RFP -  Q2 2017
  • Release of Trillium Line Extension RFP - Q3 2017
  • Stage 2 Contract Award - 2018
  • Construction Commences - 2019
  • Revenue Service Trillium - 2021
  • Revenue Service Confederation Line East - 2022
  • Revenue Service Confederation Line West - 2023