How much are the property taxes, or how much will the tax increase be next year?

We all get this question especially from "out of towners".

ottawa property tax increase allowed

It looks like another year of 3% in 2022. I just came across this article in the Citizen and thought I'd send you more information about taxes in the Ottawa area.

Ottawa Citizen article

In the past two years we've frequently been asked if tax rates will soar due to housing prices doing the same. The answer is "no".

The province determines value, (assessment) and it's the city who levies taxes and determines the rate (mill rate).

FYI, we should have had new assessed values in 2020 but the Covid 19 pandemic prevented that.

How does MPAC establish the assessed value of my property?

MPAC analyzes real estate market information from similar types of property in your area to establish your property's value.

How exactly are residential property taxes calculated?

Residential property taxes are calculated using your assessed value, the municipal tax rate, and the education tax rate, which is set by the Province of Ontario.

Will the significant rise in real estate prices increase my property taxes?

A significant increase in property value does not automatically translate to a property tax increase. Municipalities cannot benefit from market value increases. The City of Ottawa adjusts the baseline tax rates downward to account for overall assessment increases and collect the same revenues.