90 Day Statistics for Ottawa South

These statistics are for the last 90 days, up till July 19th 2021, and they cover all of the neighbourhoods that are within the South End of Ottawa.

How many homes Sold in Ottawa’s South End?

There were a total of 664 home sales in all of Ottawa’s South End Neighbourhoods, versus 502 in 2020, this is an increase of 32%.

Are House Prices up or down in South Ottawa?

The average price over the past 90 days is $647,930, versus $525,994 last year, that is up by 23.2%

How long are homes taking to sell in South End Ottawa?

Homes are selling Faster this year. It took homes 12 days to sell this year, versus 18 days for the same time-frame last year.

Where were the highest and lowest sales in South End?

The highest sales price was a Detached bungalow home in the Pineglen/ Country Place Neighbourhood that sold for $2,200,000 and the lowest priced sale was a One Level Apartment in the Riverside Park/ Mooney’s Bay Neighbourhood that sold for $214,500.

Click on any South Ottawa neighbourhood to see more information as well as the history of house prices for that area. DN = District Neighbourhood Code.

Alta Vista (DN 3602, 3603, 3604, 3605, 3606, 3607, 3608)

Billings Bridge (DN 4601, 4602, 4603)

Blossom Park/Kemp Park/Findlay Creek (DN 2601, 2605, 2606)

Ellwood and Ridgemont (DN 3801, 3803)

Elmvale Acres (DN 3609, 3701, 3702, 3703)

Grenfell Glen/Merivale (DN 7502, 7503, 7504)

Mooney’s Bay/Revelstoke/Riverside Park (DN 4604, 4608, 4605, 4606, 4607, 4704)

Hunt Club Park/Greenboro (DN 3805, 3806, 3808)

Pineglen and Country Place (DN 7402, 7505)

Quniterra (DN 4801)

Riverside South/Airport/Gloucester Glen (DN 2602, 2603)

Windsor Park Village (DN 4807)

Hawthorne Meadows and Sheffield Glen/Industrial Park (DN 3704, 3705)

Emerald Woods/Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Creek/Timbermill (DN 2604, 2607)

Upper Hunt Club (DN 2608)

Hunt Club, Hunt Club Woods, Hunt Club/Western Community (DN 4802, 4803, 4804, 4805, 4806)