Check out which Neighbourhoods in Barrhaven performed the best in 2017 for the most sales and highest prices

Below you'll see how each neighbourhood, quickly compare all the neighbourhoods in Barrhaven and see the Top 3 areas for the number of sales and prices in 2017. If you want the most current real estate stats and average prices, we provide that every month at our Barrhaven Market Update

Below are Barrhaven's Neighbourhoods listed Alphabetically:

  • 123 Sales in Cedargrove/Fraserdale, Average Price was $337,617, down 5%

  • 180 Sales in Chapman Mills and Davidson Heights, Average Price was $372,702, up by 4%

  • 172 Sales in Half Moon Bay, Average Price was $400,945, up by 7.6%

  • 6 sales in Hearts Desire, Average price was $545,583, up 12.3%

  • 41 homes sold in Knollsbrook, average price for a home was $324,590, up by 3.2%

  • 301 homes sold in Longfields, average price for a home was $358,383, that's up by 4.9%

  • 282 sales in Old Barrhaven, average price $340,009, down 3.6%

  • 6 homes sold in Orchard Estates and Cedarhill, Average Price was $1,056,667, up by 20.8%

  • 104 Home Sales in Pheasant Run & the Average Price was $308,897, up by 1.8%

  • 233 sales in Stonebridge with an average price of $457,479, up by 10.7%

  • 181 homes sold in Strandherd, and the average price was $346,998, up by 0.4%

Top 3 Neighbourhoods in Barrhaven:

Here are the best performing neighbourhoods in Barrhaven for the Number of Sales, the average price and the best percentage increase in price for all of 2017.

Highest number of Home Sales in Barrhaven

  1. Longfields

  2. Old Barrhaven

  3. Pheasant Run

Highest Sales Prices

  1. Orchard Estates, Cedarhill

  2. Hearts Desire

  3. Stonebridge

Highest Increase in price over previous year

  1. Orchard Estates, Cedarhill

  2. Hearts Desire

  3. Half Moon Bay

Looking at the Three categories, Orchard Estates and Cedarhill take the Top Spot for the Highest prices as well as the highest increase in price, but Hearts Desire came 2nd in both of these categories, and deserves a mention. The area with the most sales was Longfields.

There are other factors that you would look at to really decide which neighbourhoods in Barrhaven are the hottest, that would be, how long are homes taking to sell and how much are seller's getting as a percent of their asking prices.

We provide all of that information, as well as the history of house prices in each neighbourhood every year, going back till 2000 in most areas.

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