Have a look at the financials on this Triplex and you decide if it was a good buy.

This was a bit different, as it was a brand new build from 2021, it was located in Centretown West and it sold for $72,000 over the list price.

Scheduled rental income her was $92,000 and an effective rental income of $89,000.

Operating expenses here were $15,700, which gives us total operating expenses of $24,600.

This gives us a Net Operating Income of $64,400 and that's a Cap of 3.2%.

When we see a Cap Rate this low we know there's danger ahead, in terms of the ROI!

Operating expense ratio was 27.6%, which is excellent, does not get much better than that.

This building sold for 22 times the gross income and 31 times the Net Income.

With a 35% downpayment, which ois $700,000, leaves us with a mortgage of $1,300,000. This mortgage will cost the buyer $6000 per month at 3% amortized over 25 years.

The final cash flow here is a negative $9,465 which is a negative ROI of 1.35%.

The image below gives you all of the financial information about this Sold building. It was listed for $1,930,000 and sold for just over $2 Million. Because it's a brand new build, there is no need for a Fire Retrofit. It was built in 2021.

brand new triplex sold june 2021

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