Want a Home near Ottawa & Carleton University, or close to Public Transit?

There are different options depending on which way you want to travel to Uni. or college. If you prefer to Bike or Walk, take the Bus, O-Train or use the New LRT (Light Rail Transit) system, we can find you properties that make sense for you.

You can buy a home and rent rooms to other students, keeping your costs down while the property appreciates in value, school aint cheap! Great Affordable Options for Ottawa & Carleton University or any other College.

You could buy a home or condo and get help to pay the mortgage and taxes while your family members are attending University, and make money after they graduate. You could choose to sell at that time, or continue to rent the property.

The condos and homes below are just an example of what you can get for your money here, a 2 bedroom condo for under $200,000 is do-able, and 1 bus ride to Carleton University, door-to-door but we also have other options too, close to the school you will be attending.

Here are links to the 2 Main Universities in Ottawa & Algonqhin College

Ottawa University - Carleton University - Carleton Uni Facebook - Algonquin College

Want a home or Condo closer to Ottawa University

If you're attending Ottawa University and want to be able to walk to School, have a look at some of the homes or condos we have for sale in the Centretown Area, which is a bit more expensive than homes near Carleton. But, if you are OK using public transport, the homes above can work for both Universities.

We have personally helped many families this past year purchase homes and condominiums for their children attending University, as well as sell the home at the end of term.

Get a list of homes for sale near the Universitiy or College that your children, or yourself will be attending. Simply let us know which school and we'll send you a bunch of homes that might work for you.

In the meantime, have a look at some options below that might work for you, they are all within the catchment area for both Ottawa and Carleton University and all under $300,000

Affordable Properties near Ottawa & Carleton University

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