Newer Condos currently for Sale, all built later than 2017

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Newest Condo Projects in Ottawa

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If you're looking for information on Ottawa Condo Buildings, from already built as well as brand new projects under construction and planned, we can get you all the info. If you're looking to buy a resale condominium, You can view condos currently for sale here.

Tell us about any project anywhere in the City of Ottawa or the Suburbs and we'll get you all the information you want, as well as Special Discounts and Previews before the general public has access! Any updates we hear about any New Condo in Ottawa, we try and post to our site. This can be the updated pricing for the project, or it could be the release of the floor-plans or condo spec sheets, including all the amenities included, how many apartments are in the condo project, as well as costs for parking and lockers.

We get notified of any new listings from all across the City, usually directly from the developer, the builder or their Marketing Department, including New Condos under construction, planned or recently completed. We can send you a list of all the listings currently for sale right now in any area of the City, or even in a specific building, if you're interested just let us know which areas you want to live in

Many new builders are shooting for LEED certification. LEED CONDOS, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: Eco-Friendly, or Green Condos are becoming ever more popular, and some Ottawa builders are going all out to get Certified. Condos are given points in 6 different categories, leading to green certification.