How much are the Lawyer Costs when Buying or Selling?

Right upfront, you probably arrived here to find out how much your legal costs will be when you buy or sell a home. (add HST to amounts below)

  • The cost to buy a home is $925*

  • The cost to sell a home is $725, plus $225 to discharge 1 Mortgage*

These are the fees charged in 2014 by Ken Hoyt, our local Lawyer, fees will vary across the city. If you have to discharge a current mortgage, or arrange Bridge Financing, other charges will be incurred.

The role of a Lawyer when buying

These fees may change at any time, and all Lawyers charge differently.*

The costs to buy or sell an Investment Property will be slightly more due to more work and more complex deals.

We stress to our clients the importance of using a real estate Lawyer, and choosing a good one, who knows all the neighbourhoods and areas where they have experienced problems in the past. Don't use the guy who helped you with your divorce.

We asked Ken Hoyt to help us out, and provide some information about himself, as well as what he does to help you when you buy or sell a property. He was great, and even participated in 2 movies which are below here...outlining what his role is, and what he does to help you in any type of situation, whether buying or selling a home.

The role of the Lawyer when selling


About Ken Hoyt, Ottawa Lawyer:

After completing my law degree at Queen's University in 1984, I moved to Ottawa to complete my articles and establish my law practice. Called to the bar in 1986, my practice consists mainly of residential real estate, wills and estates.

My office is conveniently located at 157 Gilmour Street, (just east of Elgin Street). There is metered parking on Gilmour Street.

Choosing the right Lawyer can make all the difference when the time comes to close on your real estate purchase, and Ken Hoyt has years of experience in the real estate field.

We have a very detailed report outlining all of the costs and disbursments when you buy or sell a home, Use the link above and request this report via email.

  • Buyer costs, including Land Transfer fees
  • Tax Certificate
  • Water Arrears Certificate
  • Hydro Account Inquiry
  • Gas Account Inquiry
  • Zoning Compliance
  • Hydro Work Orders Inquiry
  • Status Certificate (Condo Only)
  • Septic Search 
  • Sheriffs Certificate
  • Title Search
  • Title Insurance
  • Registration of Mortgage

The document also includes a list of Legal Questions that buyers and sellers frequently ask.