Commercial Real Estate in Ottawa

Looking for Retail property, Office Space, Industrial Property, Agricultural Zoned Properties, or even Businesses for Sale and Special Use and Institutional uses.

Find a Retail Property - which includes Larger Strip Malls as well as smaller Corner Stores with residential Apartments to rent out above and other types of retail.

Find Office Space - Whether you're looking to buy or lease office space, check out what we have available that can work for you, smaller rentals to larger projects with many office spaces.

Buy a Business - Are you looking to buy an existing business in Ottawa, check out what we have available.

Industrial Property and Land - Are you looking for property that is zoned for Industrial uses, we have some available that could work for your Industrial needs.

Agricultural Property - Are you looking for land or land with property that is zoned for Agricultural so you can farm the land or have animals, check out what's out there

We have very experienced Commercial Agents who can help you with any complicated Lease, Commercial Offer, Development Project or Land Assembly. We can even help you find un-listed properties, or pocket listings.

Commercial Property for Sale or Lease (all types)

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