Homes below are all built in 2017 or Newer!

The listings above are re-sale houses that are on our MLS. If you want more information about buying a Brand New Home from a builder see below... we can still help you !

Buying a Brand New Home in Ottawa

Many people choose to buy a brand new home, as they want everything to be clean and fresh. Did you know that we can help protect you and negotiate certain things from your Builder?

Did you know that you can have a Licenced REALTOR representing your best interests ?

It's nothing but a benefit to you! And....we never charge you, the buyer, any commission when you work with us to help you in the purchase of a new home direct from any builder.

When you work with us we'll guide you through the whole process of buying a brand new home, what to look out for, and the deadlines you have to consider when buying new. It is quite different from buying a resale home There are a lot of differences buying a new home, and even more if you decide to buy a new condo.

There are things you need to know before you buy, as well as some rules and regulations you need to follow after you move into your new place.

Questions you might have about buying a brand new home.

Are you an investor looking to buy pre-construction?

Why not take advantage of our services? Not only will we help you with the purchase of your new home property (free of charge) we will also give you free exposure on our website to help you find the right tenant for your property.

When do we list our home if we buy a brand new home?

Contact us. We can also give you additional information on how and when to list your home. Timing is critical, if not done properly you could end up owning two homes or having nowhere to live.

What are the benefits of purchasing a brand new home from a Licensed Realtor?

We represent your best interest. The Sales People that work for the new home sites are representing the best interest of the Builder. We will do all the research on the builder so that you know that you are buying a good product.

Again we are looking out for your best interests. You need to know what the neighbourhood will look like when all the construction is completed.

Will there be a major hydro corridor running through your back yard, or Will all the street utility boxes be on your front yard?

You’ve seen those large green metal boxes holding hydro, cable, and the Canada Post “super mailboxes”. They have to be put somewhere but do you want them on your lawn?

How do I reserve the perfect lot?

Call us and we will help you find the best lots, as well as when new releases hit the market.
Just let us know if you want an end-unit, or not backing onto other houses, or anything else that you want in the lot.

Do you know how the process works when buying a brand new home?

You will want to reserve your lot. Each builder works differently, however generally speaking you will need to come up with three different deposits (IE: Single family home = $5000 upon a firm sale, then a further $10,000 30 days later and then an additional $10,000 after the next 30 days. You are then responsible for the reminder upon closing.

I am looking to move now but I want to buy brand new...

If you have a knowledgeable Licensed Realtor they will know about all the early occupancy properties available within the new home builder communities.

I don't want to have to pay an agent to help me!

You don’t pay us anything because the new home builder pays our fees. We guarantee in writing that you will never pay us any commissions.