Toronto Investors choosing ottawa

Are you an Investor living in Toronto and can’t make money due to the High Prices for Real Estate in the GTA?

There are alternatives to Investing in Toronto, give Ottawa a look!

We have extremely stable employment due to the federal government being the largest single employer in the region. Plus our booming hi tech industry is another major driver of the economy resulting in very high personal incomes.

Plane, Train or Automoble, it's just 1-5 hours away

Ottawa is just 400 km east of Toronto. The average home price in Ottawa is just $430,000, which is much more affordable for Investment Properties. Ottawa is a good investment versus Toronto, with a higher ROI, or Return on Your Investment.

You can buy more houses in Ottawa

Investors can purchase almost 2 houses in Ottawa to rent out, versus just One in Toronto & the GTA. Economy of scale dilutes risk. (more properties and more renters, in case of vacancy or midnight moves)

Currently a home in Ottawa will cost you slightly over $430,000, while in Toronto it's almost $750,000. This is based on all house types.

Lot's of property types for Investors to pick

There are a bunch of options in Ottawa to suit any budget, from Condos, Townhomes, Single Family Homes or even Multi-Unit Residential buildings.

Ottawa as an Alternative to investing in GTA real estate.

If you are an Investor and think that Toronto real estate is far too expensive for investing, come and see why Ottawa is your best option.

You can call Patrick Walchuk at 613-788-2590 to chat about investing in Ottawa, or use the link below...

Please answer these questions in the form, cut-and-paste:

1. Do you prefer to invest in a condo or single family home.

2. Are you interested in investing in a multi unit residential property.

3. How soon are you prepared to visit Ottawa to look at investments.

4. Do you have a 35% down payment to obtain a positive cash flow, based on Ottawa’s lower prices.

5. Do you know the city of Ottawa A) Well B) a little C) not at all.