84 Fulton Ave. is a Multi-Family for Sale in Old Ottawa South with 5 Apartments and the List Price is $900,000

Below you'll find a Video covering the Income and Expense information, a bit about the neighbourhood and a slideshow with Exterior and Interior photos of the Apartments.

This 5 Unit Income Property has a Gross Income of $58,000 and Total Expenses are $20,000.

The building is in a great neighbourhood, is currently fully rented, and the Apartment Combinations are:

  • Two - Bachelors
  • One - 1 bedroom
  • One - 1 Bedroom plus Loft
  • One - 3 Bedroom

For more information or to schedule a Showing:

Call Patrick Walchuk at 613-788-2590 or by Email below

You can use the Interactive Google Streetview below to see the Street or Browse the Neighbourhood. Simply click and drag on the image below and follow the arrows for a tour of the immediate area around Fulton Avenue.