Where are the Most Affordable places to move to in Ottawa?

Neighbourhood Comparison stats last updated November 2021.

most affardable areas to move ottawa

Neighbourhoods with the most affordable house prices

We have split the City of Ottawa into eight larger communities, each with 10 or more neighbourhoods within them. You can quickly see which neighbourhood in each community had the most affordable homes most recently.

Full updates for all neighbourhoods can be seen at our Neighbourhood Comparison Blogs

See the most affordable homes at the moment, by area

Most affordable Neighbourhoods updated November 2021.

Click any neighbourhood to see all current listings organized by price, low to high.

Actual average selling prices were, from lowest to highest:

  • Viscount Alexander - $368,246
  • Mechanicsville - $399,400
  • Hawthorne Meadows - $456,244
  • Chatelaine Village - $511,585
  • Knollsbrook - $518,790
  • Glen Cairn Hazeldean - $548,807

Most Affordable listings from all across Ottawa

If you want to see all of the most affordable freehold houses or just condos from all across Ottawa, use the links below to see them all, in order from the lowest price.