Provincial Intensification Legislation Bill 23, known as the "More Homes Built Faster Act"

I’m in favour of intensification but it needs a rifle approach not a shotgun approach which is being legislated in Ontario.

• Since the Liberals came into power in 2015 immigration increased to over 400,000 with half coming to Ontario. We need them, we need the workers, the brain power, the creativity.

• The provincial government will freeze or reduce development charges by municipalities to support growth. Association of Municipalities of Ontario is concerned that reducing fees will shift costs from developers and the people who buy new homes to those already paying property taxes. In other words, you and I who are not buying a house will pay more in property taxes to subsidize those who are buying a house.

• Development charges are the funds used to pay for…those frivolous things…like roads, bridges, water, wastewater /sewage systems, and transit around the new housing. Again, you and I who own existing homes will pay more in taxes, to pay for a new suburbs sewers.

• NO REDUCTION in PST on new homes or Land Transfer Tax on all sales (tax grab over & over & over) You know why? It generates about $6 BILLION in provincial revenue. All of the details are not yet available as legislation has not yet been enacted.

1. Permit 3 dwellings on any lot. Ie. Add a basement unit and back yard coach house.

2. Throw out many of the existing rules regarding singles, secondary dwelling units, duplex, and triplex properties.

3. Don’t yet know details but appear to be painting the entire city with the same brush.


  • bungalow quiet street, 40 ft. lot, two triplex’s built on both sides
  • Now have 6 families or groups where two existed, potential for 6 or more vehicles.
  • will be parked on street. Could be 12 cars vs 2
  • if each unit is 3 bedrooms and two of them have cars.
  • if parked on lot, no more trees and lawn
  • what happens to rain and melting snow that used to be absorbed by the ground? It now runs into overloaded water drains. - more noise and traffic
  • what happens to value of bungalow, if A) on a street of singles and now B) is squished between two three story triplex properties.

5. HOPE FOR – Restrictions IE:

  • minimum 80 foot lot.
  • parking for each unit
  • maximum number of permitted bedrooms.
  • maximum building height
  • Minimum amount of exposed yard space.
  • coach house size and location.