Hunt Club Woods and Western Community real estate market report

Real Estate Stats & Sold House Prices in Hunt Club Woods area

Statistics for the last 90 Days ending April 8, 2024 in Hunt Club Woods

There were 27 homes sold in Hunt Club Woods in the last 3 months, with an average price of $587,159, that's a decrease of 3.4% over this same period last year, and includes all house types.

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Statistics for 2023 in Hunt Club Woods

There were 93 homes sold in Hunt Club Woods & Western Community in 2023, with an average price of $595,41, that's an increase of 0.8% over the previous year, this includes all house types.

What is the average price for a home in Hunt Club Woods, by type of property in 2023?

  • Single Family House average price was $851,051
  • Bungalow average price was $775,000
  • Townhouse average price was $663,439
  • Condo average price was $420,603

Hunt Club Woods Historical Home Prices, with Percentage change over Previous Year.

Year Number of sales Avg. Price % Change
2016 123 $349,627  
2017 136 $346,840 -0.8%
2018 168 $374,349 7.9%
2019 164 $408,747 9.2%
2020 150 $479,423 17.3%
2021 140 $496,076 3.5%
2022 135 $590,652 19.1%
2023 93 $595,419 0.8

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About Hunt Club Woods and Western Community

The Hunt Club community in the south end of Ottawa is broken up into different areas with a mix of demographics, age groups, ethnicities and socio-economic levels. It was named after the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club and many businesses have named their businesses after the course. The boundaries are south of the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, east of the Rideau River, south of the CN Albion Line and Via Rail Beachburg Subdivision and north of Hunt Club Road. It has three times the green space as the Ottawa average.

Hunt Club Woods and Western Community as the name suggests are in the western part of Hunt Club. Hunt Club Woods was named by Campeau who developed the area south of Uplands Drive. Western Community is the area between Bank Street and McCarthy Road. As you see in the table above, the average home price has rise fairly steadily over the last 5 years, to 2021 where we see that 140 homes sold for an average price of almost $500K, a 3.5% increase over 2020. Single detached homes and townhouses make up the majority of the housing in this community.

Hunt Club Woods covers a large area and was originally intended to be developed into a major ring road around Ottawa, the the NCC has not yet moved on this. Accordingly, the area is largely an undeveloped mix of farmland, meadows and forests.

While the area feels very green and rural, residents are only minutes away from amenities along Riverside and Hunt Club Road.