Have a look at how Orleans Neighbourhoods performed in 2017, for number of sales, prices and which areas saw the highest increases or even decreases in price.

Below you'll find a quick snapshot of the neighbourhoods in Orleans, you can get much more information for any specific Orleans Neighbourhood at our Market Stats Page, or you can get this months general stats for all of Orleans here.

Below are all of the Neighbourhoods covered alphabetically:

  • Avalon, Average Price $379,348, up by 4.2% with 594 home sales

  • Bradley Estates, Average Price $414,064, up by 2.9% with 58 sales

  • Chapel Hill, Average Price $400,075, up by 4.1% with 260 sales

  • Chateauneuf, Average Price $351,577, up by 4.7% with 104 sales

  • Chatelaine Village, Average Price $284,746, down by 8.6% with 84 sales

  • Convent Glen, Average Price $320,524, up by 2.9% with 182

  • Fallingbrook, Average Price $347,673, up down by 0.2% with 408 sales

  • Sunridge/Orleans Village, Average Price $375,263, up by 6.6% with 54 sales

  • Queenswood Heights, Average Price $330,665, up by 2.3% with 179 sales

Top 3 Neighbourhoods in Orleans:

Here are the best performing neighbourhoods in Orleans for the Number of Sales, the average price and the best percentage increase in price for all of 2017.

Most Home Sales in Orleans

  1. Avalon

  2. Fallingbrook

  3. Chapel Hill

Highest Sales Prices

  1. Bradley Estates

  2. Chapel Hill

  3. Avalon

Highest Increase in price over previous year

  1. Sunridge/Orleans Village

  2. Chateauneuf

  3. Avalon

Looking at the Three categories, Avalon was the only neighbourhood featured in all of them, so it can be considered the Top Neighbourhood in Orleans for Sales and prices in 2017