Civic Hospital and Experimental Farm real estate market report

Real Estate Stats & Sold House Prices in Civic Hospital area

Statistics for the last 90 Days ending May 12, 2024 in Civic Hospital Area

There were 10 homes sold in the Civic Hospital area in the last 3 months, with an average price of $1,075,000, that's an increase of 8% over this same period last year, and includes all house types.

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Statistics for 2023 in Civic Hospital and Experimental Farm

The average price of a home in Civic Hospital and Experimental Farm in 2023 was $982,833, that's a decrease of 6.8% over the previous year, this includes all house types.

What is the average price for a home in Civic Hospital area, by type of property in 2023?

  • Single Family House average price was $1,171,664
  • Bungalow average price was $1,100,100
  • Townhouse average price was $838,617
  • Condo average price was $574,786

Civic Hospital area historical home prices, with the percent change over the previous year

Year Number of sales Avg. Price % Change
2016 53 $630,596  
2017 60 $734,854 16.5%
2018 43 $770,128 4.8%
2019 45 $879,502 14.2%
2020 35 $996,525 13.3%
2021 38 $1,192,995 19.7%
2022 41 $1,055,033 11.5%

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