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Oct. 17, 2017

New Mortgage Rules In Effect January 1st 2018!

New Rules In Effect Jan. 1st Will Affect Your Buying Power & Your Ability To Refinance Your Home!

I heard that the new stress test will devalue what someone can afford by 21%. So if one planned to buy a house at $400,000, they may be looking at just ...

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May 8, 2017

25 Year Mortgage, Payment Breakdown

How much Principal are you really paying towards your mortgage versus Interest?

This is a real-life scenario, using the actual Average Price for a home as of May 2017. We are using a 25 year Amortization for a Mortgage with an Interest Rate of 2.8% & a 5 Year ...

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Oct. 8, 2016

New Changes to the Mortgage Rules coming Oct. 17th

What do new mortgage rules mean for a new buyer?

We've had a lot of questions from buyers regarding the new rules that come into effect on October 17th 2016. After this date there will be different rules for qualifying for your mortgage, as well as the amount of ...

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Nov. 11, 2015

Real Estate Bubble and Rising Mortgage Rates in Ottawa

Here is a question from a reader with an answer, concerning Rising Rates and the Bubble !

real estate bubbleWe recently received a question from someone who was actively looking to buy a home in the Ottawa South area and was worried about "The Bubble" and rising mortgage rates.

The actual question was ...

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