Carlingwood real estate market report

Real Estate Stats & Sold House Prices in Carlingwood

Statistics for the last 90 Days ending May 12, 2024 in Carlingwood

There were 8 homes sold in Carlingwood in the last 3 months, with an average price of $789,213, that's a decrease of 44.6% over this same period last year, and includes all house types.

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Statistics for 2023 in Carlingwood

The average price of a home in Carlingwood in 2023 was $946,688, that's an increase of 19% over the previous year, this includes all house types.

What is the average price for a home in Carlingwood, by type of property in 2023?

  • Single Family House average price was $946,688
  • Bungalow average price was $821,680
  • Townhouse average price was $NA
  • Condo average price was $NA

Carlingwood  historical home prices, with the percent change over the previous year

Year # Sales Average Price % Change
2000 30 $191,680  
2001 26 $202,496 5.6%
2002 17 $215,271 6.3%
2003 15 $248,927 15.6%
2004 27 $294,404 18.3%
2005 36 $277,251 -6.2%
2006 28 $320,988 15.8%
2007 35 $355,396 10.7%
2008 21 $360,786 1.5%
2009 32 $413,778 14.7%
2010 17 $398,653 -3.8%
2011 28 $430,896 8.1%
2012 21 $434,938 0.9%
2013 24 $478,521 10.0%
2014 23 $539,430 12.7%
2015 25 $474,636 -13.6%
2016 25 $422,588 -12.3%
2017 20 $521,324 23.4%
2018 24 $603,151 15.7%
2019 30 $611,717 1.4%
2020 18 $598,561 -3.4%
2021 18 $742,611 24.1%
2022 17 $795,589 7.1%
2023 8 $946,688 19%

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About Carlingwood

Carlingwood sees approximately 20 home sales per year, which is not a lot, but is in keeping with its smaller neighbourhood size. This area has seen its fair share of double digit price increases through the years, but 2015 and 2016 saw double digit decreases, followed by a huge adjustment that shot the average price up by $100K. Over 2021 we are saw a similar lift to that in 2017, with the average price at $742,611.

Residents in this neighbourhood can take advantage of commuting along Carling Avenue with its scenic route along the Ottawa River and appeal at avoiding the Queensway during busy hours. Carling Avenue is one of Ottawa's major arterial roads running east-west and located in the west end of Ottawa. It runs from Bronson Avenue in the Glebe to March Road in Kanata and was named for the founder of Carling Brewery John Carling, who was also Conservative MP and Senator, Postmaster General and Minister of Agriculture. 


Carlingwood Mall (opened in 1956 and was one of Ottawa's first shopping centers with only one enclosed level to traverse its 100 stores). The largest store is Loblaws at the east end of the mall. At the west end of the mall to replace Sears is Canadian Tire, planned to open in the Fall of 2022. While many use public transit to visit this mall, the parking lot is expansive and most will drive.

The former Lincoln Fields Shopping Center was demolished in 2019 owing to changing demographics, leaving only Metro and Rexall open for business.

IKEA is only minutes down the Queensway, exiting at Pinecrest to Iris Street.

College Square was built at Woodroffe and Baseline (north of Carlingwood) mainly to serve students attending Algonquin College.

Schools in this area are abundant with a number listed below:

  • École élémentaire catholique d'enseignement personnalisé Édouard-Bond
  • École élémentaire catholique Jean-Paul II
  • Public School
  • Woodroffe Avenue Public School
  • Broadview Public School
  • D. Roy Kennedy Public School
  • Algonquin College

Carling Avenue is a major east–west arterial road in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It runs from March Road in Kanata to Bronson Avenue in the Glebe. The road is named for John Carling, founder of Carling Brewery and Conservative MP and Senator, Postmaster General and Minister of Agriculture