Financials on an 8 Unit Multi-Family Building in the Carlington Neighbourhood, Ottawa

Here are the full financials on a recent sale of an Income Property that had 8 apartments in it, which was located in Carlington, in Ottawas' West End.

Carlington 8 Unit Building, Sold April 2017 

Selling Price $1,240,000
Scheduled Rental Income (SRI) $98,556
Effective Rental Income (ERI) $94,614
Total Operating Expenses (TOE) $31,106
Net Operating Income (NOI) $63,508
Capitalization Rate (CAP) 5%
Operating Expense Ratio (OER) 33%
Sales Price X Gross Income (ERI) 13
Sales Price X Net Income 20
35% Downpayment $434,000
Mortgage (@ 3.3%) $806,000
Annual Debt Service (mortgage payments) $47,280
Cash Flow $16,228
Return on Investment (ROI) 3.7%

This building was really quite nice and was very well taken care of, and the 5% Cap Rate is considered a tad low for the Carlington Neighbourhood, but at the end of the day, the buyer of this property saw a 3.7% return on their investment with a 35% downpayment.

This means they got a positive cash flow of over $16,000 on a total investment of $434,000, and they will also see appreciation and will be buying down their mortgage as time goes by.

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