Almonte real estate market report

Real Estate Stats & Sold House Prices in Almonte

Statistics for the last 90 Days ending May 27, 2024 in Almonte

There were 33 homes sold in Almonte in the last 3 months, with an average price of $636,313, that's an increase of 2.3% over this same period last year, and includes all house types.

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Statistics for 2023 in Almonte

There were 109 homes sold in Almonte in 2023, with an average price of $615,679, that's a decrease of 3.8% over the previous year, this includes all house types.

What is the average price for a home in Almonte, by type of property in 2023?

  • Single Family House average price was $660,752
  • Bungalow average price was $694,282
  • Townhouse average price was $556,877
  • Condo average price was $536,992

Almonte Historical Home Prices, with Percentage change over Previous Year.

Year # Sales Average Price % Change
2000 85 $133,684  
2001 66 $134,791 0.83%
2002 76 $162,499 20.6%
2003 95 $177,733 9.4%
2004 77 $180,000 1.3%
2005 71 $187,725 4.3%
2006 70 $231,386 23.3%
2007 83 $217,679 -5.9%
2008 89 $246,430 13.2%
2009 69 $239,865 -2.7%
2010 58 $253,364 5.6%
2011 59 $254,830 0.6%
2012 79 $284,833 11.8%
2013 85 $288,795 1.4%
2014 94 $280,968 -2.7%
2015 81 $308,992 10%
2016 116 $286,358 -7.3%
2017 116 $315,380 2.1%
2018 128 $326,524 3.5%
2019 122 $356,446 9.2%
2020 96 $438,778 23.1%
2021 136 $594,138 35.4%
2022 92 $640,092 7.7%
2023 109 $615,679 -3.8%

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About Almonte

A former mill town, "The Friendly Town" of Almonte is located in Lanark County (Ontario's maple syrup capital), about 46 km south-west of downtown Ottawa. At 2016 Census, its population was 5,039. Incorporated as a town in 1880, it is now a ward of the town of Mississippi Mills, which was created in 1998 when they merged Almonte with Ramsay and Pakenham townships. The earliest settlers to this area were mainly Scottish and Irish. Almonte was named after a Mexican soldier and diplomat, General Juan Almonte, pronounced Al-MON-tay, though its known as the local pronunciation AL-Mont.

After the textile mill closed in the 1980's, Almonte focused on tourism to share it's rich history through offering tours of the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum and the home of James Naismith, local inventor of the Basketball. His statue can be found in the centre of Mill Street, on a bench, that has become the site of many a tourist's photos and town celebrations.

Another draw to this quaint town is its role as the setting of many Hallmark Christmas movies. Its mixture of architecture has made it the go-to for movies set in places like Milwaukee, Alaska and Vermont.

Home to festivals and events including Almonte CeltFest (since 1997), North Lanark Highland Games (since 1982), it's also home to Puppet's Up! created by local puppeteer and television producer Noreen Young.

The Mississippi River runs through Almonte, providing a picturesque setting for restaurants, hotels and best of all, real estate! The Almonte River Walk is a fond pastime of locals and tourists to experience Almonte through its architecture and natural beauty. The scenery includes waterfalls and old mills that have been converted to luxurious condos. The Mississippi River is also enjoyed by many waterfront properties. You can find older homes as well as many new developers stretching out in the area.

The main street features many amenities including art galleries and cafes, restaurants, antiques stores and shopping. At the Mill of Kintail you can enjoy cross-country skiing in winter and hiking in the summer months.

Almonte is home to so many skilled chefs and bakers. It's worth coming for brunch, lunch or dinner, or for a tasty ice cream or donut with less fat.

Must Eat / Must Experience

  • Café Postino
  • Baker Bob's
  • Joe's Italian Kitchen
  • North Market
  • The Barley Mow - set on the River
  • Cheeky Chippy food truck
  • Equator Coffee Roasters, with a full kitchen
  • Healthy Food Technologies (Donuts)
  • Heirloom Café Bistro
  • Dairy Distillery, makers of milk vodka, called Vodkow
  • Fulton's Sugar Bush and Pancake House
  • Hummingbird Chocolate Factory Store and Café
  • Almonte Village - park your car behind Mill Street and walk the length of it to shops, restaurants and a slower pace.