Bank of Canada is working in opposition to the federal government's inflation.

Which impacts interest rates, mortgage rates, housing sales and inventory levels.

Five areas where government is working against or in contradiction to the Bank of Canada, which is trying to reduce inflation.  Mid-April inflation was quoted to be 4.3%.

  1. Tax avoidance policies
  2. Extending amortizations on existing mortgages
  3. Too many immigrants too fast
  4. Excessive federal spending
  5. Failure to build more housing, see #3 above.

This is a longer movie, jump to the part you want using the time stamps.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - 1:26 Introduction
1:26 - 3:12 Tax avoidance policies.
3:12 - 5:01 Extending amortizations on existing mortgages.
5:01 - 6:23 Too many immigrants too fast.
6:23 - 8:59 Excessive federal spending.
8:59 - 10:13 Failure to build more housing.

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