Usually we profile One multi-Family building that sold, this month we are taking a look at 4 properties, all from Vanier

The table below gives you all of the financial information from a couple of 6-Plex's as well as a 9 unit and a 10 unit Multi-Family building. We recently used these to do a CMA for a client, so we may as well show you how well these performed.

We always use a 35% downpayment, and for the examples below we are using a commercial mortgage rate of 5.6% as all were more that 5 apartments.

4 Income Properties sold Ovt 2018 in Vanier

From the examples above, you can see that only one building provided a positive cash-flow and two of the properties returned negative returns-on-investment.

Two buildings sold for under their asking price, one sold for full asking price and the final one sold for over $20,000 more than it was listed for. CAP Rates for all of them were above 4%.

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