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History of Beacon Hill North Sold Home Prices

The table below shows you the historical prices for Beacon Hill North going back as far as 2000, with the percent change each year

Year # Sales Average Price % Change
2000  147 $138,294  
2001  121 $172,467 24.7%
2002  139 $193,791 12.4%
2003  109 $206,209 6.4%
2004  129 $229,530 11.3%
2005  121 $220,790 -4%
2006  136 $222,939 0.1%
2007  121 $230,840 3.5%
2008  119 $259,674 12.4%
2009  131 $280,210 7.9%
2010  111 $297,544 6.2%
2011  117 $328,012 10.2%
2012  104 $318,590 -3%
2013  129 $327,122 2.7%
2014  148 $331,484 1.3%
2015  118 $346,585 4.6%
2016  143 $379,635 9.5%
2017  137 $361,237 -5.1% 
2018  135 $399,473 10.6%

Beacon Hill North & Beaconwood are Located north east of Ottawa and just west of Blackburn Hamlet these areas have easy access to the 174 at Montreal Road or Blair Road. Beacon Hill is a residential development dating back to 1960-1970. The homes in the area have are larger set on large lots. It boarders the west side of the NCC property Green's Ravine Creek Park and to the north is the Ottawa River. There is plenty of green space and bike trail to explore. The neighbourhood’s elevation provides remarkable views of the Gatineau Hills and the Ottawa River. With winding streets and no sidewalks there are a number of parks, biking and hiking trails.

It’s a car oriented neighbourhood with only one bus stop located just outside of Rothwell Heights; walking is required to reach most homes from the bus stop. Although there are no schools located within the neighbourhood, students are able to attend a number of Francophone and Anglophone schools in and around Beacon Hill. With no shops or restaurants in the area, it’s a short commute to the Gloucester Centre, St. Laurent mall and approximately 20 minutes to downtown where you have access to groceries, shopping and restaurants. It is home to many recreational facilities such as the Wave Pool as well as Earl Armstrong Arena, one of the areas oldest arenas. It is bilingual area with school in both French, English, Public and Catholic. It is home to the National Research Council of Canada's Campus located at Blair and Montreal Road.

Current Real Estate Statistics in Beacon Hill North

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