Open House Schedule for Ottawa

open houses in ottawa this weekend

In the busy season there could be thousands of Open Houses every weekend here, all across Ottawa. Trying to find all of the Ones that are happening this weekend in just the areas you're interested in is now simple.

Make sure you don't miss any Open Houses!

Use the form below and tell us the areas you're interested in and you will receive a complete list of all the upcoming Open Houses for the weekend.

You can provide a price range as well and you'll only see the Open Houses in the areas you want and in your price range, saving you a lot of time.

Please provide a valid email address.

P.S. If you are already working with Your own Agent, please have them set you up with this service, they can send you all of the Open Houses that match exactly what you're looking for and save you a lot of time.

The Ottawa Real Estate Board used to update the Open House schedule every Thursday. This has been discontinued, now you have to go to the and search through the thousands of listings to find them.

Now you can see where all the open houses are for the upcoming week and plan ahead.