We are Hiring Licensed REALTORS!

Current Positions Available:

  • Buyer Agents to service Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans and the South area of Ottawa
  • Commercial Agent to service Clients looking to Buy, Sell or Lease any type of Commercial Property
  • Rural Agents to service the Surrounding Towns and Communities outside of Ottawa

Join the Agent In Ottawa Team

What we're looking for in these positions?

  • Are You a full time licenced Realtor?
  • Have You completed a minimum of 5 to 10 transactions?
  • Are you Finding it hard to find buyers’ to work with?
  • Ready to step up Your Game and work with new leads every day?
  • You must possess a strong work ethic

If You have all of the above, you could be the person we’re looking for.

Why would you want to work with us?

  • Great working environment, team members are there when you can't be, with no penalty.
  • In-house training and coaching as well as an Administrator to do the paperwork so you can SELL
  • Expect to earn in excess of $100,000 yearly, with a good effort and attitude

Email your resume and/or cover sheet to Jobs@AgentInOttawa.com, Call Patrick Walchuk at 613-788-2590 or use the form below.

Please provide a valid email address.

How do I get Licensed to Become a Real Estate Agent in Ottawa Ontario Canada?

How to become a REALTOR® in Ottawa, If interested, your first step would be to read the document below.  If you still decide you want to become a REALTOR® in Ottawa, then call us for a chat.

Your Employment Status as an Agent would be an Independent Contractor, which comes with Tax deductible write offs, but also has No Benefits, which means you would pay for your own life, dental and disability insurance.


Availability 12 hours daily, 7 days per week. ( Example: A contract buyer wants to see a new listing tonight at 7:30 pm, you have a personal activity planned so you make the appointment for tomorrow at 5:00 pm.  You and buyer see house tomorrow and it’s perfect.  She wants to submit an offer. You then find out it was sold at noon to a buyer who looked at it last night. How long will that buyer be your client?)

Learn to restrict your time and with who. Work in a team.  Work as a partner or hire a licensed assistant to trade time off. Qualify people before making them clients.

Income and Expenses

Three to six months before you obtain a pay cheque.  All income is 100 % commission.  You do not always keep all the commission.  For example you can be on a 70/30 split until you obtain a G.C.I. of $50,000.  Some companies are more expensive than others.  However in all companies you must generate your own business, very little is handed to you.

Expenses arrive regardless of your income. You pay for your office, OREB, OREA, CREA, mandatory courses, E and O.E insurance, lawn signs, web site, paper and magazine advertising, flyer distribution, cell phone, lock boxes, letterhead, photocopies, printing, digital camera, administration and technical assistance ie. Feature sheets, Christmas calendars, bus bench advertising, etc. etc.

If you work from a home office and do little promoting, you may have annual expenses of $10,000.  Therefore you need to gross about $15,000 to net $10,000.

If you have an office ($600 X 12 mo. = $7,200) and do an organized promotional campaign combined with other expenses noted above, your minimum annual expenses may be $25,000.  Therefore you need to earn about $35,000 to net $25,000, just to pay expenses.  Some top agents spend $60,000 to $120,000 annually on expenses.

How To Prosper as an Agent

Excel at the quality of job you do in terms of knowledge of subject matter. If you don’t know it, learn it.  If you don’t want to learn it, don’t pretend you know it.  Refer it to a Realtor who does know.  Even knowledgeable Realtors can be financially forced out of the business because they do not..

Lead Generate. You must work one or multiple methods to meet people who are thinking of buying or selling property.


Always be prepared to walk away from a commission cheque if anything hints at being unethical, illegal, or it’s just not right for your client.  If you don’t and you “get away with it”, it will catch up with you eventually.  It may take years but it will catch up.  It may seem hard to leave $10,000 on the table ($400,000 X 2.5% commission) but if you are not prepared to do that, you will have a short miserable career and negatively impact clients and other agent’s lives.

It’s a high risk, high reward business.  It needs to be treated like a business.  Learn the business of real estate.  Take regular courses not mandated by RECO.  KWU offers many such courses as does “Mike Ferry”, “Coach Ken”, and others.  You can be coached by professionals.  This costs $12,000 per year in U.S funds.

Always be a student.... And we have not even discussed real estate software, data bases, etc.

Want a Career at REMAX Hallmark Realty Group?

Want to know more about a career in real estate? Today’s fast-paced market offers REALTORS® a challenging career opportunity; however, long hours, hard work, diligence, and perseverance are a must to be successful. 

Building a career in real estate, as with most professions, requires a great deal of hard work. But with commitment, there is potential for great personal and financial rewards.

For more information, please visit the OREA as well as the RECO websites to research further.